Campaign & Fundraising

Online Stores

Online Stores

An On-line Campaign Store gives your campaign or organization a great tool to raise money and increase visibility of your brand. Every organization has different needs or goals in mind when they are marketing their logo. GOP Shoppe builds on-line stores tailored to our clients individual needs. We have built stores geared toward getting out a message, stores with the primary goal being fundraising and some that don't involve money at all and are based on a volunteer point system. Let our staff help develop the right on-line presence for your campaign or organization.

Here is some of what we can offer our clients:

  • Store development to match your current site
  • Product design and manufacturing
  • Photos of your products for your site
  • Order fulfillment - Storage and Shipping In-house
  • Customer Service to support your store
  • Provide you with real-time information on all orders placed
  • Processing of all payment transactions

Every store has different needs and meeting those needs to make your campaign or organization successful is what we do - it's all we do!