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Incentive Fundraising Programs

Incentive Fundraising Programs

Every campaign and organization needs donors to survive and the economy is making it increasingly difficult to convince donors to part with their money. Offering incentives gives the donor a sense of getting something for their donation and keeps your brand out in the public eye.

We can help develop an incentive program that is tailored to every level of donor.

Incentive programs can be once a year, quarterly or even monthly. Incentive items can be geared for just one donor level or to many levels, from grassroots to high dollar. Most incentive programs that we create for our clients include disclaimers in the body of the e-mail explaining that all items will ship in 4-6 weeks. This gives the client the opportunity to calculate just how much of a given item they need to order, therefore greatly reducing any risk on the clients part. Most items take 5-10 business days to produce, allowing ample time for shipping.

Our staff will help:

  • Choose the products that will have a higher perceived value, but will be cost effective to maximize donation numbers.
  • Mock up photos of the item with your logo for the initial e-mail.
  • Help design the incentive e-mail.
  • Determine shipping, packaging and fulfillment costs to set proper donation amounts.

After the incentive e-mail is sent, our staff will:

  • Manufacture or order the proper quantities.
  • Fulfill and ship items to your donors.
  • Handle customer service inquiries through our toll-free number or by e-mail.

Every client has different needs when it comes to developing an incentive program and we can adapt to those individual needs. Give us a call and see how we can help your organization or campaign increase its revenue by providing incentives to donors.